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Cleaning And Restoration

Photo credit: courtesy to ColourfullCarpets, an example of what can be achieved.


Residential and Commercial Carpet Dyeing Services

Many homeowners will be sprucing up their home to remodel, redecorate or to put their home on the market for resale. The most visible casualty of a home is often the condition of the carpet. Most commercial carpets are glued down and they arevery expensive, which incurs extra expenses to remove and replace when it’s damaged. Kleen Care services can quickly repair most damaged colour carpets right on-site with minimum downtime.

Sooner or later, all carpets will develop problems, whether the issue is food stains, pet stains, chemical spills or bleach spots. We have full-service carpet cleaning and restoration professionals that will remove carpet or rug stain effectively and efficiently.

 We are committed to providing our customers with the attractiveness of fully restored carpet at a fair price which is better than purchasing a new carpet.

Our company has provided professional cleaning and restoration services formany satisfied customers. We are insured and licensed to satisfy all your cleaning needs through our services. You will get a guarantee on all our professional carpet dyeing services at reasonable prices.

Benefits of Carpet Dyeing Include:

  • Completely restoration of your carpets appearance.
  • Recolor and revitalize faded parts.
  • Extend the lifespan of your carpets.
  • Save you the trouble of installing new carpets.
  • Colour your carpets to match a change in decor.

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About Us

Kleen Care is a full-service carpet cleaning and restoration professional that business and home owners depend on! Kleen Care is located in Perth, Australia. Trained by Colourfull carpets and Jenna Dayco for floor cleaning.

All our staffs are well-trained and police cleared. Our exceptional and outstanding reputation offers our clients peace of mind, knowing their cleaning job will be done perfectly at the first time. At Kleen Care services, we always endeavour to offer exceptional customer service at affordable rates.


What We Do

Carpet dyeing is a convenient and cost-effective way to restore your commercial and residential carpets. You can avoid the expenses and stress of replacing your carpet with a new one.

If your carpet is discoloured through colour loss or has permanent stains, our certified and knowledgeable carpet dyeing experts at Kleen Care services can repair those permanent stains, ugly marks or bleach spots.

Also, if you want to change your rug or carpet colour, you can call us at +6214621284 and we can re-dye or re-colour your rugs and carpets at a fair price.



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Our mission is to have very happy customers who will be keep to have us back and to recommend our services to their friends and calleagues. Cutomer Satisfcaction is Priority.


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