Carpet Dye/Colour Repair

Fading due to high traffic or excessive sunlight in your home or business area can cause your carpeting to lose its original lustre. We can offer you a cost-efficient alternative to changing your whole carpet. Whether you need your whole carpet dyed or few bleach spots dyed, you can always trust a carpet dye professional from Kleen Care services.

Almost all the carpets we encounter are in need of colour repair. Carpet colour repair services are required to correct bleach discolorations, correct sun fading near windows or remove colours that have been added by spillage of beverages and food containing dye. There are only a few companies that offer professional carpet dyeing services and carpet colour repair services. We are one of them.

Our Carpet Dye Repairs Services Include:

  • Bleach Spot Repairs:
    • This is a common problem which was caused by household bleach or other chemicals substance that was spilt on the carpet which causes unattractive faded spots on your rug or carpet. These parts of the carpet may appear as orange, grey or white spots on your carpet. Kleen Care Services professional will help you to restore these stains to blend in with the original carpet colour.
  • Full Room Dye
    • Kleen Care Services specialists’ offers full room carpet dyeing services to residential and commercial owners. With our state of the art technology and reliable experts, our full room dye services will look seamless, crisp, and removeall residual messes. Kleen Care services can offer a full room carpet dyeing service for your commercial or residential home. Call us at +6214621284 today to get started with your full room dye services.
  • Colour Clean
    • We offer colour clean services for business and homeowners. When colour is loss due to sun damage, we can colour clean the carpets to add some appeal and vibrancy back on faded carpets. We colour clean making use of the latest technologies and environmental friendly dye.
  • Pet/Food Stains
    • Stubborn stains such as pet and food stains which cannot be cleaned can be effectively repaired by Kleen Care services. We approach these types of problems as colour issues, not as stains. Our colour repair method is the best option for any small drips which are better than inserting or patching up small drips over carpet area. Our colour professional will ensure that discolorations and unappealing stains are gone forever.
  • Rug Wash and Colour Repair
    • We work towards removing stains from handmade rugs. A rug can have different types of repair problems. Colour stains causes major damage to valuable parts of the rugs and require the professionals at Kleen Care to repair and fix it. At Kleen Care Services, our skilled rug cleaning professionals will make sure your rug is cleaned to the highest standard.

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