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When Is Carpet Dyeing Useful?

Stains and fading are the most common reasons why dyeing is suitable. Since changing the colour of carpeting is the initial step for redecoration, redyeing as an alternative to replacement will significantly reduce the cost of redecoration.

Can All Carpeting Be Dyed?

No, polypropylene or acrylic carpets cannot be dyed. But this can only be ascertained upon inspection. Wool and nylon fibres can be dyed, butpolyester fibres and Polypropylene cannot be re-dyed on location, the best way would be to sample test the fibres.

Can I Have My Carpet With Any Colour I Want?

Yes! However, dyes are transparent and carpet dyeing is not like painting. Because of the nature of dyes and fibres, the colour your carpet was made of will makes a difference as to what colours it can be dyed. The type of colours your carpet can be dyed will be determined through our testing and inspection.

Do You Provide Guarantee?

Kleen Care services guarantees that the dyes weuse will be as durable as those of the original carpet manufacturer. The dyes weuse are Guaranteed colourfast for the life of carpet. As with any carpets, the dyed carpets will be affected by pet stains, bleach, chemicals and exposure to UV light for extended period would fade the colour.

Can You Repair Permanent Stains?

Yes, of course, we can. We can remove and resolve any stubborn stain problems. We can also deal with pet stains and bleach spots that have transformed the colour of your carpet.

Can I Clean My Carpets at Any time?

Yes, you can clean it at any time you like. The dye we use is colourfast. You can treat the carpet the way you would treat a new carpet.

Can You Dye Rugs?

Yes, if they are nylon, wool or nylon/wool blends.

Do You Do Carpet Cleaning?

Yes. The carpet will get a good cleaning before the dyeing process. Carpet cleaning is part of the services we offer. We have professional cleaners and we also offer general carpet cleaning service to our clients.

How Long Will The Dye Last?

The dye will last for a long period with the exemption of fading which happens naturally on all carpets.

Can the carpet be walked on immediately?

Yes, it’s true that you can walk on the carpet immediately after we have dyed the carpet. Our proprietary dyes are equal or superior to mill dyes and are colorfast in under 60 seconds! The carpet will still be slightly damp, but less than when carpet is cleaned.


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